Travel Advice to Australia

Extend your Visa Scam

In order for a British national to visit Australia you need to gain a Visa. There is currently a scam promoting the chance to extend your working holiday visa on application. These people con you for money, and as a result your actual visa will be cancelled. Only apply for a Visa with the relevant people, and if you are unsure then contact the British embassy.

Seasonal Natural Disasters

Due to its southern location, Australia is prone to natural disasters. If you are travelling to Australia from November to April, you should make sure that you check if there are any issues before you fly. Furthermore, when you are there, make sure you keep an eye on the news if the weather is different from what you would expect.

Attacks on Tourists

There have been several recent attacks on tourists and backpackers around the Noosa area. Attacks have also taken place in the tourist areas of Sydney and Alice Springs. If you’re travelling to a large city, make sure you stay vigilant, especially at night.

Hiring a Car

Year after year there are accidents that are caused by those who take advantage of rental cars in Australia directly after leaving the airport. Many do not take jet lag into consideration, and because you have to be alert when driving in a new country for the first time those that are suffering from jet lag should make sure they are well rested. Make sure you take this into account before hiring a car.

Dangers of Backpacking

Many people are under prepared for backpacking in Australia. The best spots are generally hours away from any facilities, and therefore, you need to make sure you have everything you could possibly need. Your first step should be to leave details of where you are travelling to at your hotel front desk. You should also tell them how long you plan on backpacking for and ask them to contact the authorities if you are not back in time. It is imperative that you have a lot of water with you that you can keep cool, and some suitable shelter from the heat. Check here for further advice on backpacking safely.

Dangers at the Beach

Even the most experienced of surfers and beach goers have issues with the strong rip currents. They are the cause of over 20,000 rescue missions every single year, 400 of which are British tourists. If you are going to the beach make sure you only ever swim between the red and yellow flags and read the safety signs.

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