Travel advice to Austria

Skiing Advice

For those that intend to visit Austria for skiing, it is important to be aware that during the winter season, there is a serious threat of avalanches. There is a risk for avalanches during the summer season as well. Make sure that you check out the avalanche and weather conditions before you travel and while you are staying at the resort.  It is recommended that you wear a helmet when you ski, and most places require anyone under the age of 15 to wear a helmet when skiing or participating in any type of winter sport.  For more information about skiing in Austria click here.

Crime Risks in Austria

For the most part, travel in Austria is trouble-free. The country has a low crime rate, but petty crime does occur, and it is important to take precautions to avoid becoming a victim of these types of crimes. Never leave your valuables unattended and be very vigilant when in centre parks in the cities and around the major public transportation hubs. Try not to go out after dark alone. Tourists tend to be targets for pickpockets, especially in the larger cities.

Driving in Austria

There are several laws and regulations you should be aware of if you plan on renting family cars in Austria. When driving in Austria you must have your full United Kingdom licence with you, including all of your insurance documents and ownership documents. You have to be over the age of 18 in order to drive in Austria. A 17-year-old is allowed to drive for practice, but only under the direct supervision of a licensed driver.

In January of 2012, Austria has implemented a law that required all motorists to form an emergency corridor if traffic slows down, and the roads become congested. This must be formed whether or not emergency vehicles are in the area or not.

The number of road deaths in Austria was nearly twice the average number of road deaths in the United Kingdom. It is important to abide by all the speed limits and take care when driving on side roads and back roads. Each driver has to have an emergency warning vest that is in a bright colour for visibility. This vest must be stored where a driver can easily reach it. This vest must be worn if you exit your vehicle on the side of the road for any reason. A warning triangle and first-aid kit must be kept in the vehicle as well. These can be used in case you happen to break down.

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