Travel Advice to Canada

Snow storms

Due to its northern location, Canada is the subject of harsh snow storms. These storms can disrupt travel and cause incidents. These storms come around quickly and often cause flight cancelations and delays with no notice. If you are travelling to Canada, it is advised that you check out this site. Here, you will find more information on this subject.

If you are travelling to Canada, it is a good idea to call the airline 48 hours ahead of your trip to find out if there are any expected issues. You should also show up to the airport three hours before your flight because of the security checks.

During the winter, highways are often closed across Alberta and British Colombia due to storms and avalanches.

Travelling from or to the US

If you are a British tourist who is travelling to either Canada or America, and you plan to travel across the border between the two, then you may be required to obtain a visa. Make sure you check the entry requirements for both the US and Canada for foreigners crossing the border.

Carrying the right licence

You are not required to carry a Canadian permit to drive in Canada; a full UK license will suffice. However, you do need to take your actual license and paper license as well if you want to take advantage of cars in Canada. If you do intend to drive in Canada, then you have to be aware of wild animals crossing the roads. In general, accident rates are low, but accidents caused by both the weather and animals are high.

Carrying items into Canada

There are several items you should not try to carry into Canada:

  • The plant Qhat – while legal in the UK this plant is illegal in Canada and can carry a ten-year prison sentence for those trying to smuggle it in.
  • Do not carry meat, dairy or animal products into the country. Your items will be suspended, and you will be fined.

Travelling with children

If as a parent you are travelling into the country with your children, it is recommended that you obtain a valid letter of permission from the non-travelling parent. While by no means illegal having a letter will stop any issues with immigration. By rights, without the letter immigration can question the child to see if they feel they have been abducted.

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