Travel Advice to Costa Rica

Targeted attacks on tourists

In recent months there has been an increase in the amount of targeted attacks on tourists in the built-up city areas. Muggings can occur even in daylight on busy streets so it is imperative that you remain vigilant. When in Costa Rica do not carry large amounts of cash and expensive jewellery when you are out, especially at night. Furthermore, try not to look like a tourist so avoid carrying backpacks, maps and other items that may make you look like a target.

Drink spiking

In popular tourists bars in the cities there have been various reports of spiked drinks that have led to assault and theft. If you are drinking in a bar, never drink alone and make sure you keep an eye on your drink at all times. It only takes a second for a drink to be spiked.

Unofficial taxis

There has also been an increase in the amount of assaults from those who have taken unofficial taxis in Costa Rica. Make sure you only ever get in a red taxi with a sticker and box with the name and number of the company. Furthermore, once you get in the cab make sure you can see the identification of the driver. If you are worried about taking taxis, then think about hiring a holiday car in Costa Rica.

Travel to jungle areas

One of the popular events in Costa Rica is to travel to areas in the jungle to explore remote locations. If you do decide to get involved, then make sure you are accompanied by an experienced local guide. Never go on one of these treks alone if you do not know the area. Furthermore, make sure you follow the instructions set out on the way.

Rip Tides

Rip tides are very common in Costa Rica even on the main beaches. It is important that you take care when at a beach because lifeguards are rare. There have also been attacks from crocodiles along the Pacific Coast from Playa Azul down to Playa Esterillos so make sure you stay vigilant if you do decide to swim at one of these beaches. For more information for how to stay safe with Rip tides check here.

Never carry items for anybody else

Drug trafficking in Costa Rica is rife and there are people that will try to get you to carry seemingly minor items with you. It is common knowledge, but you should never carry items for somebody else. Drug trafficking of any kind in Costa Rica is met with a harsh prison sentence of eight years minimum.

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