Travel advice to Denmark

Travel Safety Tips

Most travellers to Denmark will find that the country is relatively safe. The majority of trips to the country will be without incident. However, it is important to remain cautious while travelling. The tourist season in Denmark attracts bag snatchers and pickpockets, especially in areas that are crowded. Always keep your personal belongings, including any money and your passport secure. The areas around Norrebro and Christiania are typically trouble free. There have been reports of sporadic minor confrontations and disturbances with authorities in these areas. In Norrebro there have been several instances of violence between minority groups and Hell’s Angels, this includes shootings. Most of these incidents are localised and related to gangs, but you should remain cautious when travelling in this area.

Public Transportation

The infrastructure of the public transportation system in Denmark is of a high standard. There are a number of train, bus, and metro tickets available for purchase at kiosks and at some supermarkets. If visiting Copenhagen you can rent bicycles in the inner city. You must stay within certain limits of the city and may be fined if caught outside of these limits. There are several outlets that offer quality bicycles for a reasonable fee that can be taken anywhere you want to ride. You will also find a couple of ferries available to take you to the many islands of Denmark.

Driving in Denmark

For those that wish to rent a holiday car in Denmark, you will find that the road conditions of the country are extremely good, and the driving standards of the country are high. The average number of road deaths was 4.8 per 100,000 people. The average in the United Kingdom was 3.1 in comparison.

When driving in Denmark it is a good idea to carry a warning triangle with you in case your car breaks down. It is required that you wear a seat belt at all times, and you must have dipped headlights on as well. The headlights should be covered with an opaque material that is available in most garages in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Always drive within the speed limit as the sanctions for speeding in the country have become much stricter. Anyone who is found to be driving 100 km in a zone that is posted 50 km will lose their license. It is also a law that if you are changing lanes you must use a signal. Cycling is popular in the country and most of the time they are given the right of way, be careful of this and always check the cycling lane before turning right.

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