Travel Advice to El Salvador

High crime rates

With one of the highest crime rates in Latin America, you need to make sure you take care when travelling around El Salvador especially at night. In recent years there have been numerous reports of pickpockets targeting tourists in the busy cities so make sure you keep your valuables on your person in a zip pocket.

There have been reports of tourist being attacked at ATMs for their withdrawn money. It is imperative that you do not withdraw large sums of money unless necessary. It may also be a good idea to draw out money in a group. In any event, never resist attack. If you are being robbed those robbing you will rarely resort to violence unless you try to put up a fight.

Downtown San Salvador has the highest petty crime rate in the country. However, other areas like Escalón, San Benito, La Gran Via and Multiplaza can also be dangerous.

Fortunately violent crime and serious incidents are few and far between.

Disruptions to travel due to landslides

From June to November runs El Salvador’s rainy season. During this time, landslides and flooding are common so it is imperative that you stay up to date with local travel news. If you are thinking about hiring holiday cars in El Salvador, then make sure you take out comprehensive car insurance with your policy because you do not want to be liable for any damage caused by harsh weather.

If you are driving in El Salvador, make sure you hold an international driving permit and a full UK license.

Swimming on beaches

There is a high risk of issues due to strong undertows on El Salvador’s Pacific coast. Never swim on isolated beaches and as lifeguards are limited at the best of times make sure you are sensible. There have been several deaths; including tourists from swimming in unsafe waters in recent years.

Avoid demonstrations

Demonstrations in the larger cities do occur from time to time. These demonstrations often end in violence, and therefore, it is advised that you steer well clear of any large gathering. Any tourists involved in demonstrations can be arrested and deported.

Medical Insurance

When travelling to El Salvador it is imperative that you have comprehensive travel insurance. Medical care for the country is limited to say the least, which means that public facilities are often basic. Private care is much better and in the majority of cases, these doctors speak decent English.

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