Travel Advice to Fiji

Sexual assaults on British tourists

There have been serious cases of violent sexual assaults on tourists in Fiji. Attacks usually occur on foreign women travelling alone. If you are a single woman going to Fiji, make sure you do not take public transport. It may be a good idea to consider Fiji cars.

Due to these issues, it is a good idea to register your details with LOCATE before you travel.

Airport theft targeting tourists

There are a number of petty thefts occurring in Fiji Airport. Bags and wallets have been stolen and those who are withdrawing cash from ATMs have also been targeted. When at the airport, especially alone make sure you never leave your bag unattended and watch out if you are withdrawing money.

Sea excursions

There are dozens of reputable companies offering water sport activities in Fiji. Many of these companies are legal, offer the best equipment, and have great guides. However, there are a few companies that have been formed to take advantage of the booming market. These companies do not have fully qualified instructors, use poor equipment and do not follow all safety procedures. If you do decide to go diving with a company, look for signs that they are as a reputable company. In the majority of cases, you will be able to spot a poor company from a mile off. If you are unsure ask them to see their valid insurance documents.

Laws against political rallies

Fiji remains suspended from the Pacific Island Forum and the Commonwealth due to government issues. While things seem to be returning to normal, the police are still taking a harsh stance against any rallies. As a tourist, make sure you avoid large groups and political discussion.

Local laws

Fiji carries very stern sentences for drug use. Even the smallest amount of marijuana carries a three-month prison sentence. Larger amounts of this drug can lead to large sentences.

Topless bathing and all public nudity in the country is illegal. When you are in rural villages, you should make sure shoulders and knees are covered at all times.

Up until 2010, Homosexuality in Fiji was illegal. While this law has been changed, public attitude to any homosexual act is still dubious. It is imperative that all gay and lesbian couples are aware that this is an issue.

Passport validity

When travelling to Fiji you must hold a valid passport. The passport that you hold must be good for a further six months after the arrival date otherwise you could be refused entry.

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