Travel advice to Finland

Safety Tips for Finland

When travelling to Finland you will find that the crime rate in the country is fairly low. During the tourist season, there are a number of pickpockets, especially in crowded areas. Make sure to keep your personal belongings safe and secure at all times, including your passport and any money you have with you.

There is a low threat of terrorism in the country. Be aware that there is a global risk of terrorist attacks that are indiscriminate. These attacks may happen at any time including in public areas and areas that are frequented by foreign travellers and expatriates.

Public Transportation

The infrastructure of the public transportation system in Finland is of an extremely high standard and is typically very punctual. There are kiosks available to purchase train, metro, tram, and bus tickets from. There are shops all around the country that sell tickets to these public transportation options as well. In Helsinki City, the transport office offers a service where you can order a text message ticket directly to your mobile phone.

In Helsinki City, you can also rent bicycles during the summer months to ride around the city. There are better quality bikes available from other outlets as well.

Road Travel in Finland

Family cars in Finland   can be rented as well. The road conditions are decent in the country and the driving standards are okay. However, it is important to be careful if driving in Finland during the winter months. Roads can be extremely hazardous during these times. It is common for the roads to be very icy at this time. You have to have your car winterised before driving in Finland in the winter months. This includes equipping the vehicle with snow tyres. The snow tyres can be studded or non-studded, but are required legally for driving in Finland from the first of December through the end of February. Typically, it is recommended that you keep the snow tyres on your vehicle when travelling in Finland through the end of April as the roads remain icy until this time.

Entering Finland

In order to enter Finland you will need to have an active passport. If you are staying for a long period of time, your passport must remain valid for the duration of your trip. Visas are not required to enter the country. You can stay for up to three months as a British National and after that you will need to contact the police to register.

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