Travel Advice to Germany

Counterfeit Euros in Circulation

In recent months, there have been several arrests of British nationals in Germany for possession and use of counterfeit Euros. It is against the law to be in possession of these notes and is generally punished with jail time if there is evidence that you planned to use the notes, and you were aware they were fraudulent. All tourists should be vigilant when it comes to receiving change. As a consumer, you have the right to ask for a different note if you are unsure of its validity. Furthermore, any exchange of currency should occur in a bank or bureau de change.

Carry your Passport

German law states that at any point police can ask to see your passport without reasonable cause. If you do not have your identification on you at the time, then you could be taken to a police station until your identity is confirmed. It should be noted that any other form of identification is not allowed including your driver’s licence.

Christmas Market Crime

The Christmas markets in Germany are legendry and millions of tourists from all over the world visit one of them every single year. As there is a high amount of tourists pick pocketing and bag theft has risen in the local areas significantly. If you are going to Germany to visit the markets, remain vigilant at all times and always keep your bags on you.

Car use in Germany

Like the congestion zone in London, Germany has several environmental zones (umweltzones) in inner-city centres in Germany. This means if you take advantage of car hire in Germany then it may be a good idea to obtain a vehicle that meets specific exhaust emission standards otherwise you will be barred from entering these areas. Make sure you check here for more information.

Avoid Expatriate Hangouts

There are a few Germans that have targeted foreigners for racial reasons. Some of these groups target expatriate hangouts where they know that there will be a build-up of tourists. If you want to avoid trouble, then you can either avoid these hangouts or stay vigilant at all times.

Terrorism Threat

There is an on-going threat of terrorism in Germany. The open borders of the country make it hard for people to be tracked, and this is one of the reasons that all tourists are asked to remain vigilant at all times.

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