Travel Advice to Honduras

Rainy Season

Running from June to November in Honduras the rain can cause extensive damage to both land and housing in the country. Landslides are rather common and flooding is an issue. There is currently a yellow alert in place for the country. If you are travelling to Honduras before November, check everything is fine before you leave.

No British Embassy

There is no British embassy in Honduras. Those with any issues that they feel may need to be dealt with by an embassy should contact the Honorary Consuls in Tegucigalpa.

The main reasons why British nationals required local consuls was because of stolen passports. If your passport is stolen make sure you contact a consul as they will be able to help. Petty theft is a real issue in the Bay Islands.

Crime rate

The crime rate in Honduras is high. Due to this rate, it is common to see army personal walking the street armed to deter crime. It is important that you remain vigilant at all times. Furthermore, if you are approached in a robbery, comply with their demands. Robberies often only turn violent when there is resistance.

If you see a group forming or a demonstration taking place in Honduras, then steer well clear. There is a risk of short-notice demonstrations forming, and this could lead to violence. If you think a demonstration may be forming leave as quickly as possible.

While the crime rate is high in the country tourists are not usually targeted in violent crime. However, there have been indiscriminate attacks on tourists in recent years. Tourists are usually targeted with scams, so you need to make sure that you always act with common sense in mind, and you should be fine. All tourists are advised not to walk around alone at night. There have also been reports of violent crimes on many of the main bus routes in recent months. If you are staying in the country, it may be a good idea to compare car hire prices in Honduras.

Carrying identification

It is against the law to be without identification regardless if you are a national resident or a tourist. If you are a tourist, and you are worried about carrying around your passport, then you can take a photocopy and keep that on your person at all times. If you are asked for your passport, and you produce a photocopy, this is fine.

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