Travel Advice to Ireland

Drink Driving Limits

In October 2011, drink driving limits were changed in Ireland. The new limits are 50mg per 100ml of blood (0.05%) for those who hold a full license, and 20ml per 100ml for professional, learner and novice drivers. There is a specialist unit of traffic police who have the right to conduct random breath-tests on drivers. They also have the right to impose heavy on the spot fines or even arrest those who are well over the limit. If you plan on taking advantage of car hire in Ireland, then it is imperative that you are aware of these new regulations. As always, if you plan on driving recommends that you do not drink any amount of alcohol.

New Airport Laws

The laws that were introduced in the UK in 2006 are being rolled out across airports in Ireland. This means if you are departing for a flight you should leave earlier to ensure that you can get through increased security. Make sure you check out the current Irish laws on air travel here.

Customs Checks

In Ireland, customs checks can be rigorous. It should be noted that if you are found to have in excess of €6,348.69, you can have it seized if you have not declared it and offered a valid reason for why you are carrying this amount of money. It should be noted that many believe this figure is actually €10,000, but it is not.

Political Tension

If you are staying near the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, then you should remain vigilant at all times. Tensions over recent years have all but disappeared, but there is always a risk of an issue reoccurring at any time.

Crime against Tourists

Like any country where tourists are frequenting and even though the country has a low rate of violent crime there has been an increase in pick pocketing and bag theft in the past few years. There has been a noticeable increase in theft in major tourist areas throughout the country, and because of this, all tourists should keep vigilant. There is also a risk of ATM fraud. On some ATM machines in built-up tourist areas, skimmers have been installed by fraudsters who want to gain your card and pin details. Before you use any cash machine make sure you check to see if there is evidence that it has been tampered with. Even if there is nobody behind you always cover your pin number with your other hand.

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