Travel Advice to Lebanon

Travel Restrictions and Terrorism

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The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have issued a travel restriction warning to the city of Tripoli and the surrounding area. A sharp increase in fatalities due to violence and terrorist activities during summer 2012 has prompted this advisory. Due to the chaos in neighbouring Syria, the CFO has also issued a travel restriction for all but essential travel to all areas within five kilometres of Lebanon’s northern and eastern borders with Syria.  Palestinian Refugee Camps (located in pockets throughout Lebanon but concentrated in the southern end of the nation) are unstable and travel restriction is strongly suggested.  The Lebanese government has a difficult time maintaining law and order in the refugee camps. In addition, all areas south of the Litani River to the border of Israel are also deemed to be unsafe for tourists. Travellers are strongly encouraged to maintain a high level of vigilance in all areas of Lebanon.

Other Safety Threats

The threat of kidnapping exists throughout Lebanon. While British nationals have not been part of the kidnapping statistics, an increasing number of kidnappings have occurred.  Victims of kidnapping include both adults and children. For children, abductions can occur upon attempting to leave the country. Lebanon has a unique set of family law provisions that may require the child or mother to receive permission from the father/husband to leave the country. This concern exists for British nationals living in Lebanon.

The risk of bag snatching or vehicle crime is high in Lebanon. Armed robberies have occurred against those who take taxis. If taking a taxi is required, it is advised to use taxis from recognised companies.

Driving in Lebanon

Before hiring holiday cars in Lebanon, an international driving permit must be obtained. This certificate can be certified upon arrival to Lebanon. With the car hire, identity papers must be kept available at all times and be prepared to show your documents at check points.

Staying Healthy in Lebanon

To ensure physical health in Lebanon, check with your GP for any vaccinations needed roughly eight weeks prior to your holiday. You can check here for any required immunizations or other helpful advice to make your trip to Lebanon with good health.

Lebanese Customs and Laws

Lebanon has a significant Christian and Muslim presence. Although dress codes are more relaxed in Lebanon in contrast to other Middle East nations, dressing modestly is encouraged. Eating, drinking, and smoking during daylight hours during the Islamic month-long holiday of Ramadan may cause offence is some locals. You may want to refrain from doing these activities in public during this time.

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