Travel Advice to Mauritius

Weather warning

The cyclone season in Mauritius runs from November to May. If you are travelling at this time, then make sure you keep up to date with local news and weather reports. Furthermore, before you leave for your flight check that it has not been delayed or cancelled due to weather issues.

Renting from unregistered providers

There has been an increase in accommodation that is not registered with the Ministry of Tourism. Any unregistered accommodation should be avoided as they are not bound by any regulations. If you are booking a hotel online, then make sure it is registered with the Ministry of Tourism, because sometimes even the major sites can be tricked into listing these hotels.

Crime on tourists

Crime targeted against tourists is very low when compared to other countries. However, there are some areas when the rate has increased over the past few months. The business district of Port Louis at night is one of these areas. If you are a tourist staying here, then avoid walking alone at night.

In early 2011 an Irish tourist was murdered in her hotel room. Crimes like this are rare, but they do happen. If you are travelling to Mauritius make sure you remain vigilant.

Street vendors

If you want to take part in water activities, then never do business with a random vendor on the street. Make sure you only ever rent services from a physical location, and if a street vendor approaches you, and you are interested ask them to take you to their office. There have been reports that tourists have paid deposits to street vendors who have then disappeared.

Driving in Mauritius

If you do decide to take advantage of holiday cars in Mauritius, then make sure you take out a full insurance policy. Serious accidents in the country are low, but there are moped and motorbike drivers who drive at night without lighting. Furthermore, as a UK national you are required by law to have your UK drivers licence (including counterpart) with you at all times.

If you are worried about driving abroad then check here for more details.

Dangers of carrying items for other people

Never carry any items for anybody in Mauritius. Drug smuggling, while uncommon, is something that is punishable by a 45 year jail sentence. Even carrying cannabis (15 grams) brings with it one year in jail and a £2000 fine.

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