Travel Advice to Morocco

Terrorism Threat

There is a general threat of terrorism in the country of Morocco. It is possible that indiscriminate attacks may occur in places that are frequented by foreign travellers and expatriates. It is important to remain alert when travelling through the country and to make sure you have a high level of confidence in your overall security arrangements.

Political Demonstrations

There have been reports of many demonstrations being held throughout the country of Morocco. Some of the demonstrations have led to violence, including vandalism and looting. It is advised that you stay away from any type of political gathering or other type of demonstration while visiting the country.


Violent crime is not a big problem in the country. Since March of 2008, a number of Europeans have been attacked and robbed. The majority of these incidents involved knives.  Most of these crimes occur in the evening and night. When travelling in the night time hours it is a good idea to do so without carrying any valuables. Petty crime in the country is on the rise. Crime around ATM machines has recently increased as well. Scams are quite common in the marketplaces, so make sure that you are alert to various tricks.

Driving in Morocco

If you choose to use a family car hire in Morocco, it is important to note that the country has a rather poor safety record. Accidents are frequent, especially on the busy major routes. When driving it is important to be extremely careful when passing as there are no hard shoulders on the roads. It is advised to give yourself plenty of time to get to where you are going and always drive within the speed limits.

When driving it is important to avoid stopping on the side of the road and always drive with your doors and windows locked and closed. If your vehicle is hijacked do not try to escape from the hijackers and do not resist their demands.


Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country, and the local customs, laws, and religions should be respected. If you visit during the month of Ramadan, be sure to remain aware of your actions so you do not offend the cultures and beliefs of the people. To learn more about customs in Morocco click here.

Women should be especially careful when travelling in Morocco. Women should dress as inconspicuously as possible and avoid wearing any clothing that might be regarded as being provocative such as short skirts or low cut tops.

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