Travel Advice to Namibia

Crime on Tourists

In the area of Windhoek, foreign tourists are frequently the targets of muggers. Muggings can take place in busy locations of the city and even in broad daylight. It is important to remain aware at all times when travelling throughout Namibia. There are numerous pickpockets around the town centres. Do not travel into townships at night unless you are with someone who knows the local area.

There have been reports of credit card skimming occurring at some of the lodges and hotels located around the country. If you pay for anything with a credit card, make sure that it remains in your sight at all times. Check over your statement thoroughly in order to ensure that no fraudulent charges have been made.

Driving in Namibia           

If you are renting family cars in Namibia,  make sure that you always drive with your windows up, and your doors locked. All valuables need to be kept completely out of sight. There have been incidents reported where gangs have tried to gain entry into cars at busy intersections located in Windhoek. This occurs even in daylight hours. Theft from vehicles is common in the area, particularly at gas stations.

You can use your UK driving licence to drive in Namibia. Make sure that you always carry this with you as there are police check points in and out of many of the cities, and you must show this identification to the police as requested. If you do hire a car for your trip make sure to check the insurance coverage. A comprehensive insurance policy is recommended when driving in the country.

Photography Restrictions

While there are no formal regulations regarding photography, some individuals have been detained when they are caught photographing the State House and other properties where the president resides. It is recommended that taking photos of these buildings be avoided. In addition, there are some areas that will require a permit to enter. When travelling to these areas it is a good idea to ask about photography when you apply for the permit. If the policy or the army are protecting a place, make sure that you ask before you take any type of photograph or video.

Weather Warning

From January through April, the country experiences a rainy season. Many of the gravel roads in the country deteriorate during this time. Make sure that if you are travelling during this time that you check on the local road conditions of the area before you leave.

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