Travel advice to New Zealand

Crime Warnings

In major urban areas of New Zealand, there is a substantial amount of street crime. There have been reports of thefts of vehicles that are left unattended. In popular tourist areas there have been many hire cars and camper vans that were targeted. If you decide to use holiday cars in New Zealand make sure that you do not leave any possessions in the car when you leave it.

Additionally, there have been more and more thefts in hotel rooms in some of the more popular tourist areas as well. When leaving your room make sure that you do not leave any of your valuables behind. Use a safe box to store these items. You will want to keep your travellers’ cheques, passports, and credit cards separate from each other for safety.

Extreme Sports

New Zealand is known for its extreme sport adventures. If you are planning on participating in any during your visit, you want to make sure that you choose a company that is well established. In addition, make sure that your insurance is going to cover you. Before you embark on any adventure make sure to check with the local tourist authorities for advice. You will also want to let your family or friends know where you are headed and register with a Visitor Information Centre.

Local Road Travel

While the road conditions in New Zealand are fairly decent, driving in the area takes some getting used to. Many of the main highways can be quite narrow and windy. There are many hills in the area to navigate as well. Make sure you read about the traffic laws of New Zealand before you travel there and start driving.

Weather Warnings

During the winter months’ weather conditions throughout the country can become quite treacherous. Before heading out anywhere make sure that you register with a local authority and let your friends and family know where you are headed.

The weather changes quickly in parts of New Zealand. It is important to check the weather station before heading to any area, especially if you plan to go to a remote part of the country. Once again, let someone know where you are headed before going out.

Christchurch, New Zealand experienced several earthquake aftershocks in December 2011. There were minor injuries reported, but no serious injuries and there were no casualties. If you are in New Zealand, make sure you know what to do if there is an earthquake.

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