Travel advice to Poland

Crime in Poland

Most people who visit Poland will have no issues. It is important to remain alert when in the country as there is street crime and petty thefts that do occur. As a foreigner you may appear to be a fairly lucrative target. Always keep your cash and any valuables out of site, especially when you visit the main cities or other areas that are crowded. Crowded areas and popular tourist destinations tend to be where most of the pickpockets and bag snatchers operate for obvious reasons. There has been in an increase in robberies around rail stations. You are most at risk when getting on or off the train.

Taxi Services

There are several unregulated taxi drivers that work around the Warsaw airport and other locations. Typically, these drivers will charge a lot more than official taxi services. Never choose a taxi that looks like it could be unlicensed because they are dangerous as you cannot be tracked and you could be charged an obscene sum of money. The name and telephone number of the company should appear on the top of the cab as well as the side. A rate card will be in the window. If the taxi has a crest, but does not have a name on the vehicle it is not a registered taxi.

Driving in Poland

Renting holiday cars in Poland offers a great way to travel through the country. However, it is important to know that some of the roads in Poland can be quite hazardous. Heavy vehicles frequent the roadways and there are not very many dual carriage ways. Many of the main roads in the country are very narrow. The streetlights are typically very weak, so be extremely careful when travelling after dark. The local standard of driving is average.

There are a few laws that you should know if you plan to drive in Poland. Poland has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drinking and driving. If you have had even one drink, you can be fined. It is important to obey all the traffic laws in Poland. If you are found to break one of the regulations, you will need to be prepared to pay the fine immediately in Polish currency directly to the police officer. There has been a new system of toll collections implemented in Poland on certain sections of roads. You can learn more about these tolls here.

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