Travel Advice to Portgual

Forest Fires

There are various reports of scattered forest fires just outside Funchal, Madeira. Currently, flights and reservations are not affected. However, if you do plan to fly to Madeira Airport make sure you check here to see if there are any changes. The forest fires are active in places where tourism has been popular in the past. It is not yet known if the forest fires are so much of an issue that evacuations will be required soon.

Walking the Levadas

The Levadas are a series of popular trails that many tourists try to walk while on holiday in Madeira. It is important to know that these walks can be challenging especially for those that consider themselves unfit. Make sure you take plenty of fluids and energy foods (like bananas) if you plan on venturing into the Levadas, even if you are an experienced hiker. It is imperative that you pick walks that have been set out for people of your experience and do not over-do it. It is also advisable to leave details with your hotel about where you are going.

Tourists at Risk on 16 and 28 Trams in Lisbon

In recent years there has been an increase in the amount of tourists that have been targeted by pickpockets and handbag snatchers. Two lines that have been targeted are the popular 16 and 28 services in Lisbon. If you are a tourist, always keep your bags on your person and make sure that you remain vigilant. Furthermore, beware of those that try to distract you because this is a popular technique used by thieves.

Driving Laws

If you are thinking about taking advantage of car hire in Portugal make sure you are aware of the laws of the road. In order to drive you must be 18 and have a full UK license. You will also drive on the right-hand side. You must have a red warning triangle and reflective vest. You should also be aware that like many European countries, there are plenty of tolls. This is mentioned because fines in Portugal for breaking these rules are substantial.

Laws of the Sea

Death in Portugal from those breaking the laws at sea is unfortunately common. This is why the Maritime Police have the right to impose heavy on the spot fines for those who are disobeying the rules. If a red flag is flying do not enter the water, a yellow flag signifies stay close to the shore, and a green flag means safe to swim. If you see a chequered flag, this means that there are currently no lifeguards on duty.

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