Travel advice to Singapore

Crime Threats

While violent crime is uncommon in Singapore, there is a risk of petty crimes such as bag snatching. When you are travelling in Singapore, it is a good idea to leave any tickets and extra cash or travellers cheques in a safe at the hotel or at a safe place inside your host’s home. When you go out try not to carry any of your valuables with you. You should not leave any of your possessions in a vehicle that is going to be left unattended.


Terrorism Threat

Terrorism poses an underlying threat in Singapore. Terrorist attacks may be indiscriminate and include locations that are frequented by foreign travellers and expatriates. The government in Singapore has taken extensive measures in order to combat the threats of terrorists. There have been a number of terrorist suspects arrested in Singapore.

Road Travel Tips

For those that plan on renting holiday cars in Singapore you can use your licence from the United Kingdom if it is currently valid.  If you plan on being in Singapore for more than a year or are planning to become a resident of the country permanently, you should obtain a drivers licence from Singapore.

The road conditions are fairly good in Singapore. The country has taken care of the roads and travelling by car throughout the country is, for the most part, safe. If you happen to be a part of an accident, you need to make sure you stay there until the police have arrived on the scene. Leaving the scene of the accident is considered a crime.

Local Laws

Singapore has the mandatory death penalty in place for some capital offences such as drug trafficking and murder. Drug trafficking comes with severe penalties. It is considered a crime of drug trafficking when a person possesses a certain amount of drugs above the set limit. For example, anything over 500 g of marijuana is considered trafficking.

There are also severe penalties for those that over-stay the term of their visa. Punishments include fines and imprisonment as well as corporal punishment using the rattan cane. Deportation will occur depending on the amount of time a person has stayed past their visa’s expiration.

It is recommended that any action that may be interpreted as molestation be avoided. There are reports of false claims being made for this crime. If you are accused the police will not give you your passport, and you will be banned from travelling until the investigation is complete. There are several offences that are considered an outrage of modesty, and these crimes are punishable by the rattan cane as well. All public demonstrations and street gatherings should be avoided. To learn more about the laws of Singapore click here.

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