Travel Advice to South Africa

High levels of crime

In the major towns and cities South Africa has always had a high crime rate. However, the risk towards tourists is low if you seek advice. If you do visit a town, then make sure you ask a reliable local tour guide about the spots you should avoid. South Africa has recently given a lot of precedence to protecting tourists. This is why tourist specific police have not been deployed in the major cities and towns.

Issues for tourists include; carjacking, car robbery, passport theft and sexual assault. However, if you remain vigilant, stay in popular places and keep your doors locked at all times you should avoid any issues.


There are several places and things that you should look out for while in South Africa. Berea and Hillbrow in Johannesburg can be rather dangerous places as well as Durban’s city centre and beach-front area.

A technique used to fool tourists into a potential carjacking is a false distress (breakdown) claim by a motorist. If you see a breakdown on the side of the road, report it to the police or drive on.

If you are hiking Table Mountain, then make sure you do so at peak times. There have been reports of attacks on tourists both in the morning and late at night.

South Africa has one of the highest HIV/Aids rates in the whole of the world. Make sure you avoid exposure to HIV and AIDS at all costs. Here is a guide that talks through all the precautions you should take.

As incidents with cars are high, it is vital that you opt for the highest insurance cover if you choose car hire in South Africa.

Passport Pages

Many people are not aware that when entering South Africa as many as two pages can be filled with stamps. You should ensure you have two spaces free for stamps before leaving to South Africa, and if you do not then apply for a new passport.

Rabies Report

In recent months there has been one report and death caused by rabies, which came from the Underberg region of Kwazulu-Natal. Since the turn of 2012 there has been a rabies outbreak among dogs in this area. It is imperative that you do not approach dogs in the local area to avoid risk. If you are bitten by any animal, seek immediate medical advice.

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