Travel advice to Sweden

Terrorist Threats

There is a general overall threat of terrorism in Sweden. Terrorist attacks may be indiscriminate and could include places that are frequented by foreign travellers and expatriates. In December of 2010, there were two bombs set off in a shopping area located in the central area of Stockholm. The first bombs were gas canisters located in a car, and two people were injured. The second bomb was detonated by a suicide bomber. Remain alert at all times when travelling through the country.

Crime in Sweden

The level of crime in Sweden is relatively low. Most people travel to the country without incident. During the summer months pick pocketing may be an issue, especially in major cities where tourists are targeted for cash and their passports. Take care not to travel with large amounts of cash and always have a copy of your passport in a safe location. Report any thefts to the authorities as soon as possible to obtain a police report of the incident.

Winter Travel

In the winter expect harsh weather. Delayed flights and trains are common during these times. However, the country deals with the overall harsh weather very well. There are accidents caused by the snow and ice daily. Make sure that you start towards your destination early so that you are sure to reach it in a reasonable amount of time without rushing.

Driving in Sweden

If you plan to rent holiday cars in Sweden  it is important to note that the driving conditions during the winter months from November through March can be extremely hazardous because of large amounts of snow and ice. Sweden law requires every registered vehicle to have un-studded friction tyres or studded tyres during the winter months. Cars that have a foreign register are not required to have these tyres, but it is recommended that if you are travelling in the country during these harsh winter months that you install this type of tyre on your vehicle.

The overall road conditions of Sweden are fair, but are treacherous during the winters when the country receives large amounts of snow and ice. Always confirm the weather and the road conditions when leaving for your destination. The overall driving level in the country is very good. There were only 266 road deaths in 2010. This is equal to 2.8 deaths from the road per 100,000 people. The number of road deaths in the United Kingdom during the same year was an average of 3.1 deaths for every 100,000 people.

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