Travel Advice to the UK

Olympic Travel

If you are travelling to the capital in August and early September then travel may be disrupted because of the Olympic Games. After the main games, the Paralympics are also taking place so these need to be taken into consideration. There is major congestion around the capital, and public transport is expected to be busy due to the games and regular commuting so it could be a good idea to think about  Car hiring in United Kingdom if you plan on travelling around.


Recent riots around London led to widespread news coverage. While it is not expected that riots will happen again anytime soon it is advised that you stay well away from them if they do start. It is important to note that the riots were not localised to London. They also happened in other major cities like Manchester and Birmingham. The rioting included looting and arson so it is imperative that you remain vigilant.

Petty Theft

In the major cities, there is a continuing risk of petty theft from thieves. It is important that you stay vigilant at all times and try not to act like a tourist because tourists are targeted in built-up areas by pickpockets and bag thieves.

Unlicensed Taxi’s

There has been a rising number of unlicensed taxis in operation in the major cities. These taxis try to take advantage of those who do not want to pay high fees for black taxis or registered taxis. It is imperative that you do not take these taxis anywhere. First, they are illegal and second there have been a number of sexual assaults that have come from females jumping in unlicensed taxis. Never get in a taxi unless it is a black cab with all the registration documents in place or a booked taxi from a licensed provider.

Adverse Weather

Over recent years, around the winter months there have been several days of heavy snow that has caused widespread disruption to travel across the UK. Flights and public transport have been cancelled and cars have found it hard to use the road. It is widely expected that this sort of weather will return in early 2013. Anybody travelling to the country in the winter months should make sure they have a great insurance policy that covers them for additional hotel reservations due to adverse weather. Scotland has experienced the worst weather, but in early 2012, there were several days of heavy snow in London. To check the latest weather updates make sure you go to the MET office website.

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