Travel Advice to Venezuela

Travel Warnings

When travelling to Venezuela it is advised to stay away from any travel that is within 80 kilometres of the Columbian border. This includes the states of Zulia, Apure, and Táchira. It is recommended that you only travel to Táchira if absolutely necessary. If travelling in the rest of the Apure state it is advised to visit as part of an organised tour, even when visiting the popular destination of Los Llanos. Anyone who is planning to cross into Columbia should take particular care as these border crossings attract criminal activities. Only use an official crossing point.

Crime in Venezuela

There are many kidnappings that occur in the country. While most of the victims are residents of Venezuela, there have been foreign nationals who have been the victims of kidnappings as well. There have also been reports of what are referred to as “express kidnappings.” This type of kidnapping is aimed at getting cash from the victim by asking for a somewhat small ransom from their family and friends. These express kidnappings have been on the rise in all the major cities of Venezuela, but there are higher levels of these kidnappings reported in Caracas. Anyone can be targeted for this type of kidnapping, which makes it important to remain cautious throughout your trip.

There are a number of street crimes that occur in Venezuela as well. In many of these situations, the perpetrator is armed. If you are attacked you should comply with the demands as many instances where people have resisted have resulted in the victims being shot and killed. Common crimes such as pick pocketing and mugging are typically accompanied by violence. It is important to remain vigilant at all times.

Places to Avoid

Sabana Grande is not considered a safe place to stay when visiting Caracas. There are many other hotels available in much safer areas such as Altamira, La Castellana, and Chacao. These hotels tend to book early so make sure to plan ahead. There have been British Nationals robbed at gunpoint when walking through the Avila National Park. Try not to go anywhere after dark.

Driving in Venezuela

You can rent holiday cars in Venezuela. However, it is important to note that there have been heavy rains throughout the country in the past few years that have left the roads in poor condition. There are many roads and some bridges that have been extremely damaged. Travel from the centre of Venezuela to the east of the country can take a lot longer than normal because of the many detours. You can read about the impact of the road conditions here.

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