Travel Safety Tips Seychelles

Crime in Seychelles

The overall level of crime in Seychelles is low, but it is important to take precautions when traveling in the country. When travelling in isolated areas of the country remain cautious. It is important to remain vigilant in popular destinations such as Beau Vallon and in some of the back roads of Victoria. Be extremely careful when traveling through these areas after dark. Accommodations, parked cars, and beaches are popular targets of thieves.

Recently there have been reports of people walking on both unmarked and marked trails being robbed. The most recent attack reported involved robbery at knife point. As this is the case, it is recommended that you leave your valuables at home or stay within large groups that are organised.

Road Travel Tips

Holiday cars in the Seychelles can be hired, but it is important to careful when driving in the country. The Mahe area is extremely mountainous, and the roads in the area are winding and very narrow. There are often hairpin bends and sheer drops. There are very few safety barriers. When driving it is a good idea to avoid driving at night and to avoid remote roads. You may drive a vehicle using your United Kingdom license for up to three months in Seychelles.

The only form of public transportation is buses. The buses are not expensive, but on some routes, they do not come very frequently. Taxis are available, and they can be beneficial for travel through the area. However, before beginning your trip in a taxi it is a good idea to negotiate your fare because there have been times when taxis have overcharged British nationals because they are not aware of the conversion rate.

Swimming Safety

Shark attacks in the area are uncommon. However, in 2011, there were two fatal shark attack accidents and one involved a British National. One of the accidents occurred off Anse Lazio. The other occurred on Praslin Island. There was a temporary ban on swimming in these areas after the attacks, and these bans have not been lifted.

People drowning is rare but it has happened, and it is important to be careful when swimming or snorkelling. The seasonal changes in the conditions of the sea mean strong currents occur on the beaches at different times. A beach that is safe during May through September, which is the south east monsoon season, may not be in November through March during the north east monsoon season. There are dangerous rip currents that can occur around the Beau Vallon beach if the sea is particularly rough. You can check local sea conditions here.

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