Travel Tips for Antigua

If travelling to Antigua it is important to note that there is no British High Commission located in the country. If you require assistance during your visit, you will need to contact Robert Wilkinson who is the British Honorary Consul.

Crime in Antigua

Almost 100,000 people visit the country each year and of these visits the majority is without incident. There have been violent crime incidents in the country, including murders. These crimes tend to happen within the local community, but could affect tourists as well. Recent years have seen an increase in the crime rate of the country.

The number of crimes with guns in the country has become higher, and these crimes have started to affect British Nationals. When travelling in Antigua you will need to maintain a certain level of security. Make sure that your living arrangements are secure for your holiday. If you are staying on a yacht, make sure it is safe as well. Avoid any areas that are isolated and do not go to the beach after the sun has gone down. You should not ever carry large amounts of cash with you and if possible leave your documents, jewelry and any other valuables in the hotel safe or in a deposit box.

Driving in Antigua

When hiring family cars in Antigua you will want to inquire about purchasing a local driver’s license. Most car hire companies will sell this license for around EC $50. In order to obtain the local driving license you will need to show your current United Kingdom driving license.

The main roads of the country are typically well maintained making travel through the country by car quite pleasant. You will have to be aware of stray animals such as goats, cows, and dogs that sometimes end up on the roads. The speed limit is 40 mph and 20 mph in areas that are more built up.

Local Customs

When visiting Antigua it is important to make sure that you adhere to all the country’s laws and customs. Drug offences in the country come with penalties that are quite severe. Make sure that you pack your own suitcase, and that it remains with you the entire time you are at the airport. Do not attempt to carry anything through customs that belongs to someone else.

Another law that you should be aware of is that it is an offence for any person to wear camouflage clothing. This is the case even for children, so avoid wearing this type of clothing. To learn more about the customs of Antigua click here.

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