Travel Tips for India

Threats of Terrorism

India experiences a high level of terrorist activity. This scourge afflicts the entire nation; there is no one area in India deemed “safe” for travellers. Although terrorist attacks are a possibility, India remains an attractive holiday option for over 700,000 UK residents annually. Most travellers have a trouble-free holiday. Constant vigilance is required in order to ensure a safe trip for you and your family.

Travel to Kashmir

The British Government advises against all travel (including essential trips) to remote areas in the State of Kashmir and the Jammu region. Random acts of violence against crowds have occurred in many areas along the India-Pakistan border. The region (including Srinagar) has been witness to bombings, shootings, grenade attacks, and kidnappings. The border region also contains many active land mines.

There is also a travel warning recommending Srinagar only for essential travel. It is strongly encouraged to access Srinagar by way of airplane. Although the region has seen an overall decline in violence, terrorist attacks can occur at any moment.

Travel in Northern and Western States

Due to ongoing conflict in neighbouring Pakistan, the British Government advises against all travel near the Pakistani border. Travel is only permissible when using the border crossing in Wagah. The border between Pakistan and India is unmarked in several areas, leading to potential international incidents with trekkers crossing the border unwittingly.

Travel in North East India

A travel warning has been issued for the state of Manipur, advising against all travel to the remote areas and permitted only the city of Impahl for essential purposes. Rival insurgent groups have committed terrorist acts with innocent victims, but no foreigners have been killed. Kidnapping is common throughout Manipur.

Goa Resort Tips

The coastal resort area of Goa attracts many British tourists, as well as thieves. For travellers staying in smaller hotels off the main strip, reports of bag-snatching are frequent. Maintaining awareness of your surroundings helps to prevent crime.

Reports of travellers having their drink spiked and subsequently robbed or raped have occurred. It is also wise to avoid the beach after dark due to robbery or rape attempts. Foreign nationals have been victims. If you or a fellow traveller had been raped or sexually abused, reporting the incident would be recommended.

Getting Around in India

Driving in cities will be a majority, if not all, of your driving. Getting around town can be enjoyable when renting executive cars in India. Bypassing any potential of violent crime by keeping in the big cities, a luxury vehicle can enhance your trip to India.

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