Travel Tips to Jordan

Terror Threats

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Jordan is identified as having a general threat from terrorism. Attacks strike without warning and in all areas, including those frequented by foreign travellers and expatriates. Terrorists have struck places such as a rocket strike near the Intercontinental Hotel located in Aqaba. In this round of violence, one Jordanian national was killed and four people injured. Aqaba has been the location of other rocket attacks. The main road from the capital of Amman to the Dead Sea was also witness to a roadside explosion targeted at Israeli diplomats. As the terror threat exists throughout the country, remaining vigilant and keeping an eye on your surroundings can help minimize becoming a victim.

Border Security

To maintain national security, Jordan periodically closes its international borders. In particular, the border with Syria is closed more frequently due to the escalating violence in that country. When at a border crossing, you will want to pay specific attention to your surroundings to minimize becoming a target of crime. If crossing into any of the border countries and using taxis, be very careful of those who may approach the taxi. Reports of passenger kidnappings in taxis destined for Iraq have occurred. Taxi drivers taking passengers to Syria have been identified as smuggling goods in their taxi whilst transporting people. To ensure safe travelling for you and your loved ones, a family car hire in Jordan may be the wisest decision to make during your holiday.

Other Crimes to Travellers

Most crimes that affect travellers and British nationals are pick-pocketing and bag snatching. To prevent these crimes, staying alert and keeping your valuables safe would reduce this threat. However, the threat of rape or sexual assault is real, and women are encouraged to take special precautions to avoid situations where this crime may occur. Jordanian police have an emergency contact number (191 or 192, depending on the area) that tourists can use who will take the caller to a known place of safety. Kidnappings are also a threat as they are everywhere. Kindly note that the British government’s position is to not concede to kidnapper demands, so ensure to call the emergency contact number if you feel threatened.

Travelling During Ramadan

Jordan is an Islamic country, and has very stringent laws and customs during the holy month of Ramadan. Most restaurants are closed during the daytime. Drinking, eating, and smoking are strongly frowned upon and could be subject to penalty up to and including prison time. Refer to this link for more information on how to show respect to the Jordanian people during the Ramadan holiday season.

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