Unusual Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a wonderful city with something to offer just about everyone. History buffs, nature lovers, and those that are looking for fun night life will all find something  to do in the city.


The Historisch Museum offers a unique look at the history of the city using objects such as the shoes from 700 years ago. The Museum Amstelkring offers a wonderful attic church that has been around since the 17th century. The Joods Historisch Museum offers a unique look at the Jewish life in the area and also offers great interactive exhibits for children.


Unusual Things to do in AmsterdamVondelpark offers the perfect place to take a picnic and enjoy the wonderful natural atmosphere that this city has to offer. This park is one of the cultural hubs of the city and in the summer, people take time out of their day to gather here. There are also cyclists, walkers, and people playing football as well. Throughout the summer, there are kid’s activities, music groups, and dance that take place all throughout the day. One of the perfect foods to take on your picnic is raw herring. If visiting Amsterdam between May and July, you will be able to enjoy the newest catch and eat this wonderful delicacy without any extra garnishes.

Other Things to See

You will also want to take the time to visit the red-light district. While perfectly ordinary in Amsterdam, it is not at all normal for the rest of the world, but it is something that should be experienced! While this area has a bad reputation from international media, you will find that the reality is much different. The area is similar to Las Vegas in the United States, only much smaller and full of cheesy sex shops.

When visiting, you can find  rental cars at Amsterdam Airport. Having a great car to get around the city will make your visit that much more pleasurable as you will then have time to see and do everything the city has to offer.

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