One of the nine states in Austria, Vienna is the capital and biggest city of the country. Vienna is in the eastern part of Austria and is near the border of Hungry. It is also near the border of the Czech Republic and the Slovakia border. Vienna is the host to several international organizations including OPEC and the UN.

Located in the north east part of the country, Vienna has both a humid continental climate as well as an oceanic climate. The summer temperatures are fairly warm with average temperatures ranging from 22 through 26 degrees Celsius. Winters can be relatively cold and temperatures average around freezing.

One of the legacies of the city is music, with several classical prodigies coming from the city, including; Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, and Haydn have all worked in the city. Opera, the theatre, and all fine arts are a large part of the tradition of Vienna’s culture. One of the greatest theatres in the area is the Burgtheater. The theatre was open in 1741 on orders from Habsburg Empress Maria Theresa, who wished to have a theatre built next to the palace.

Vienna is home to several museums as well. One of the museums is The Hofburg is a palace where the Habsburg dynasty imperial jewels are held. This area is also home to the Sisi Museum. The Sisi Museum gives tourists a chance to see the silver cabinet and the imperial apartments. The Kunsthistorisches Museum is located across from the palace and holds many paintings created by old masters. In addition, there are many classical and ancient artifacts.

The city is also home to many parks such as the Volksgarten, which is part of Hofburg. Additionally, there is Stadtpark, Scholpark, the Burggarten, Donaupark, Augarten, Prater, and Schonbrunner Schlosspark, among several others. In the inner-city areas, there are small parks everywhere for your enjoyment, with many including monuments honoring historical figures and activities through the years.  Car hire at Vienna Airport is ideal for those who want to see the parks.

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