Which Car is Right for Your Holiday?

For most people going on a holiday and hiring a car offers the best way to get everywhere you want  to go in the foreign country. Having a car will allow you to get off of the normal ‘tourist’ routes and see parts of the country that you could not otherwise visit. Most countries have wonderful places to see that may be a bit off the beaten path. This means that the only way to get there is by car as public transport will not take you there.

The first step is to shop around. You want to make sure that you are getting the lowest possible price for the vehicle, and that it is the right model based on size. Here are some tips to make sure that you get the best car for your particular holiday.

The Location

The first point you should consider is the destination to which you are travelling. If you are going to Italy, take the narrow streets into consideration. You do not want to choose a Hummer or large SUV to try to navigate through the notoriously small streets. If you have a big group, consider a minivan or other smaller SUV that your group will fit into. If your travel group is small, a simple two-door car will be the best option.  Choose a car that is going to fit in with the local traffic and road conditions of the place that you are visiting.

Size Matters

As mentioned above, you need to consider the size of the car that you need. While you do not want a large car to travel through a town with narrow streets, if you have a big group, a larger car may be a requirement. However, you may want to hire two cars as it might be more convenient, and the price may not be that different. You are likely going to be spending a good amount of your holiday in the car that you hire so you want to make sure that everyone within the group is comfortable. You not only need to consider the number of people that you will be travelling with, but also the amount of luggage each person will have as well. This is a point that few consider, and what this means is they end up with luggage on their lap, which is not comfortable.Which Car is Right for Your Holiday?

Set a Budget

No matter what your funds are for your holiday, they will run out quickly if you do not set a budget for your transport. If you are travelling with a group set an amount that each person is comfortable to chip in, and that will determine the budget for your holiday car. If the holiday is your honeymoon or a romantic getaway, you do not want to spend all your money on a car. Browse through the Internet and find some of the cheap hire packages that are available. You can then pick the ones that fit into your price range.

However, it is important to make sure that the car that you have chosen will fit your needs. Check and see if mileage and roadside assistance are a part of the package so that you are not paying extra for these things.

Type of Holiday

The final thing to consider is what type of holiday that you are taking. Here are a few tips for different types of activities that you may be getting involved in:


For most camping holidays, an SUV will be the best choice. This vehicle will offer you enough space for your camping gear and will also allow you to get over rugged terrain. However, if you are a camper who enjoys more conveniences, consider hiring a campervan. Campervans come with a functional kitchen, allowing you to cook your meals. You will also have a lounge area to relax in and a comfortable bed to sleep in. It is a bit like having a little apartment on wheels, but be prepared to pay a bit extra for this luxury.


Some holiday makers like to travel through the country in cars offering the best speeds. They enjoy the thrill of the drive and for these people a sedan or hatchback may not work. Sports cars are perfect for a holiday where you just want to get to your next destination as soon as possible. However, make sure you keep in mind the speed limits. You do not want to be pulled over in a foreign country just because you took things a bit too far.

Rough Terrain

If your holiday is in a place with rough terrain, you will want a vehicle that is going to be able to get through this terrain with ease. A four-wheel drive is the ideal choice for this type of holiday as it will be easier to get through the mud, and the rocks that you may encounter during your trip.

City Trips

When travelling to cities like Milan or Barcelona it is important to choose a car that is going to fit into the city. Take the time to research the city that you are visiting and determine what type of cars that are most popular. You may want to look at street maps and consider any parking issues that you may run into. Larger cities are going to be harder to drive in, but if you take the time to choose your holiday car wisely you should be fine.

Choosing a Car Hire Company

Depending on the type of holiday that you are taking it is possible to choose either a national or international car hire company. At times, the car hire in the country you are visiting may be the best option as the prices should be a bit lower. However, larger companies tend to offer great deals on cars because they can afford to offer less of a mark-up.

Whatever you do, make sure you take the time to consider the type of car that you need for your holiday. Consider the people that you are travelling with as well as any luggage that each of you may have. If you take the time to consider all the things listed above you should be able to choose a car that is right for your holiday without much trouble.

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