The history of Zamora can be traced back to approximately 140BC when the invading Romans took over an existing settlement.  Zamora later was invaded by Muslims, and the city was a battleground between the Moors and Christians for several centuries.  The location of Zamora, along the Duero River in north-western Spain not far from the Portugal border, proved to be vital in its growth and one-time prestige.

Zamora has a semi-arid climate, featuring bitter cold winters and very warm summers.  During the summer, high temperatures in Zamora reach 30 degrees Celsius on frequent occasion.  Night time lows in July get to a comfortable 15 degrees.  During the winter, high temperatures average eight degrees Celsius, with January lows of 0 degrees.  Zamora receives roughly 36 centimetres of precipitation annually, with summers experiencing drought like conditions.  A natural phenomenon of fog occurs frequently during the winter months, which prevent warmer temperatures from reaching this hillside village of 66,000 residents.

One of the reasons why Zamora is a favourite destination is because of the Romanesque style architecture, which can primarily be found on churches.  Zamora was once named the museum of Romanesque art because of the large number of buildings sporting 12th century architecture.

Some of the above attractions include:

Church of the Magdalena:  Built in the 13th century, the southern face of the church features classic Romanesque detailing with curved arches and towers.

Church of San Juan de Puerta Nueva:  Constructed in the 12th century, this church features an amazing stained-glass window that features the symbol of the city of Zamora.

Church of Santiago de los Caballeros:  One of the older churches of Zamora, this church was built in the 11th century, and was located just outside the ancient walls to the old city.  Santiago de los Caballeros is famed for the knighting of Spanish war hero and statesman El Cid.

The city of Zamora is served by Salamanca Airport, located roughly 64 kilometres from the city centre. If you want to get to Zamora, consider car hire at SalamancaAirport otherwise you may have a long journey.

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