Centrally located in northeast Spain, approximately 100 kilometres from the French border, is Spain’s fifth largest city, Zaragoza.  Zaragoza serves as the capital of the Zaragoza province as well as the region of Aragon.  The population of Zaragoza is just over 700,000 residents, and comprises half of the metropolitan regional population.

Although Zaragoza is surrounded by mountains, it lies in the centre of a wide valley, and enjoys a semi-arid climate.  Average high temperatures in summer exceed 31 degrees Celsius on a consistent basis.  Daytime highs of 40 degrees are not uncommon.  High temperatures in January reach a very mild 10 degrees Celsius.  Low temperatures in July are a comfortable 17 degrees, with winter temperatures hovering around two degrees Celsius.  Precipitation is frequent during springtime, as Zaragoza experiences very dry summers.  Zaragoza receives on average 32 centimetres of precipitation yearly.  Frost or light snowfall is not uncommon during the winter months as well.

Zaragoza is well known as it was the first major city in Spain with a Christian presence.  Numerous churches, centuries old, dot the city landscape.  The most famous of these churches is Nuestra Senora del Pilar.  The church is a tribute to a visitation from the Virgin Mary in the first century to St. James the Great atop a nearby pillar.  The miracle of the legend leads to a nine-day festival in October.  The festival includes: parades, concerts, a bull festival, and a firework’s finale.  Part of the festival (called “Las Fiestas del Pilar”) includes a flower offering (Ofrenda de Flores) to the Virgin Mary on October 12 of every year.  Celebrated on the same day is “El Dia de la Hispanidad” (Hispanic Day), which celebrates Christopher Columbus’ founding of the Americas.  Columbus sailed with support from King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile.

The city of Zaragoza is served by Zaragoza airport, which is located 11 kilometres from the city centre.  This makes car hire at Zaragoza Airport for transport to and around Zaragoza is ideal because you will be in the city centre in no time.

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