How To Save Money On City Breaks

How To Save Money On City Breaks

Travelling to a new location is very exciting, and by planning your transportation needs beforehand you could avoid your travel experience having some nerve-wracking moments. Types, cost and safety of transportation differs from country to country, and in most cases, even city to city. Here are some transportation tips that you might want to keep in mind to ensure a journey with minimum amount of hassle:

City Tours

Hop on/Hop off Bus Tours

One of the most important reasons you need to allocate generous amount of time to your daily schedule before the trip to plan properly. Unless you do not mind spending any amount of money, it is always recommended that you compare prices to get the best deal. When comparing prices, it might be easier for you to go to a website, where the Compare bus tours for all top tourist cities on the basis of different criteria like costs and attraction on the same page, instead of going to multiple websites of different service providers to get information. Apart from the basic cost and duration of the bus ride, you should also compare the amenities, the ticket validity, reviews from past customers (if available) and how convenient the arrival/departure time/place is for you.

Car Rentals


If you are the type of person who doesn’t like to adhere to other people’s schedules and likes to go on their own pace while travelling, a rental car might be the ideal type of transportation for you. When renting a car, you might worry about which rental company to get a car from. By using a website offers cashback on car hire  you will be able to compare the deals of multiple companies in one page. (Trip Indicator’s website is also currently offering 3% cash-back offer which helps you save money). You will also be able to customize your search regarding the type of the car, location and even type of currency you want the prices to display in. Such type of website would save you the time and hassle of looking at individual websites of multiple companies and constantly switching in between tabs to compare car hire  deals from

Keeping Paperwork Safe

One important tip you should remember when hiring a car is to keep all of your paperwork, including the checklist that is used by the company to check the car’s condition when you return it after the rental period, safely for a few months after you’ve used it to serve as proof of all of your activities in case a billing dispute arises.

Pick up/ Drop off Location

If you are planning to pick up or drop off your car in a small town during the weekend or on a holiday, don’t do it! Offices in such days and in such areas are likely to be closed. However, the offices won’t be closed at airport locations or train stations. If you don’t require a rental car immediately after your flight, you might want to look for a car with a downtown pickup price. Rental cars with an airport pick up location tend to be more expensive than the city ones. However, you should definitely consider traffic – more of which you will find in the centre of the city that near airports.

If you want to save as much money as you can without compromising on the exploring bit, you might want to pick up your car away from major destinations and drive to those major destinations and enjoy everything you see along the way as well.

Terms and Conditions

This is one thing that we all are guilty of avoiding at least once in our life-time. It is highly recommended that you read the terms and condition or the fine print that comes with every car rental deal. You should read the T&C to avoid unpleasant surprises and to minimize the chance of being blindsided by the car rental company. It is possible that some companies might have skipped over certain details (especially if you booked the rental over the phone).