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Paris Discount Cards - City Pass

Paris Tourist Discount Cards - City Cards - Paris Attractions Deals

Paris Best Selling City Pass/ Tickets

Paris Pass - Attraction Entry Discount Pass

  • PARIS PASS - Attractions Entry

    1. Benefits: The Paris Pass is easily the most popular and reliable of all discount cards available for Paris traveling and tourism. Top benefits of the card include entry to more than 60 attractions complete free of cost, 1 day hop-on-hop-off bus tour free, a comprehensive guidebook, a metro travel card free of charge and a lot more. The card also offers a 100% money back guarantee.

    2. Attractions applicable: Over 60 attractions included

    3. Card price and validity: The Paris Pass is valid for 12 months from the date it was purchased on. The Paris Pass costs between 40-210 Euros depending upon the number of days and age group of travelers. Child passes are valid for children between the ages of 4 and 11 years, teen passes are from 12 to 17 years, and adult passes are for ages 18 and above.

    4. Online Purchase benefits: The Company offers a discount of 15 Euros on the advance online purchase of the Pass before 28th of February. The Pass guarantees that tourists never have to wait in line for tickets and passes for their favorite attractions.


    1. Benefits: The Paris Pass offers the benefits of being more than just a transportation and travel solution – it also entitles users to discounts at a number of restaurants across the city.

    2. Restaurants applicable: With the Paris Pass, the user is entitled to 10% off the total bill when dining at WazaWok, 15% off at Café Grevin, and a number of deals at the Hard Rock Café, such as free chips and salsa with the purchase of one main course, free hot fudge on the purchase of two main courses, and free drink to each person on the purchase of four main courses.

    3. Price and validity: The price of the Paris Pass varies from 50-210 Euros based on the number of days and the age group of the traveler. Passes can be purchase for 1 day, 2, 4 or 6 days as required.

    4. Online purchase: The Paris Pass is available for purchase on its official website, and is efficiently delivered to the doorstep of the recipients.




Navigo - Travel Discount Card

  • 1. Benefits of card: The Navigo, formerly known as the Carte Orange is a complete transportation pass which can be used around Paris. Based on the needs and requirements of the user, this pass can be used in the city and its adjoining suburbs with various transportation services. The most prominent areas that the card is generally used for by tourists and locals alike include Paris suburbs, Charles de Gaulle airport, Chateau Versailles, Parc Disney, Orly, Fountainbleu and a number of other tourist destinations.

    2. Transportation valid: Train, RER and Metro

    3. Price and validity of card: The transportation card is available for 5 Euros, and the user can then add as much credit as required to travel around the city. For instance, 19.80 Euros are required to travel around Zone 1 & 2 of Paris, whereas 34.40 Euros are required to travel further to airports and till Zone 6. The Pass validity starts from Monday and ends on Sunday every week.

    4. Benefits of buying online: The Pass is available for purchase online, so that tourists can conveniently dodge the hassle of getting it made once in the city.




Paris L’open Hop-on-hop-off Bus Tour - Attraction Entry Discount Pass

  • 1. Benefits: Perhaps the most interesting of all tours is the L’opne Hop on hop off tour that takes place on an impressive double-decker bus. Tourists can simply hop on the bus and off again at more than 50 different stops around the city, all of which are famous landmarks and popular tourist destinations. The starting point of the tour is 13 Rue Auber. The tours take place every 10-15 minutes and more details regarding the current tours available can be seen on the official website.

    2. Attractions applicable: More than 50 different attractions around Paris can be seen and visited through this pass.

    3. Card price and validity: Adult passes are from 26 Euros for one day tours, and 31 Euros for two days, whereas the child passes are from 15 Euros.

    4. Online purchase benefits: Tourists can purchase the Paris L’open Hop-on-hop-off Bus Tour online in advance to avoid unnecessary hassle of standing in lines after reaching the city.




Restopolitan Card - Restaurant Discount Card

  • 1. Benefits: The Restoplitan card is the perfectly convenient and affordable solution to dinging out while in Paris. The card offers discounts on more than 1500 restaurants across the city and allows the user to start using it the moment it is purchased. Tourists can conveniently purchase the card to discover the cuisines France has to offer within its capital. The card offers one free meal on every meal purchased at the restaurants applicable.

    1. Restaurants applicable: Applies to most restaurants across Paris, most prominently the Louvre, Notre Dame, St Germain des pres and many more.

    1. Price and validity: The cost of a Restopolitan Card that is sufficient for a week is 10 Euros. The card offers unlimited validity for a whole week.

    1. Online purchase: The Restopolitan card can be purchased online and is delivered to clients within 48 hours of placing the order.




Paris Museum Pass - Attraction Entry Discount Pass

  • 1. Benefits: With the Paris Museum Pass, you have access to more than 60 famous museums all over the city. To make this card worth its value, a tourist may have to visit at least 3 museums per day.

    1. Attractions applicable: Tourists can enter more than 60 Paris museums free of cost including the Louvre, Musee Rodin, Orsay Museum, Musee National d’art Moderne, Musee de L’air et de L’espace and the Army Museum. The pass not only includes museums but is also applicable to famous monuments located around the city.

    1. Card price and validity: The cost of the cheapest Paris Museum Pass is 39 Euros for two days.

    1. Online purchase benefits: Upon purchasing the Paris Museum Pass online, tourists can avoid standing in long queues waiting for museum tickets. Tourists have the option of purchasing the card in advance online, or buying it upon reaching the city.




Paris Visite Pass - Travel Discount Card

  • 1. Benefit of card: The Paris Visite Pass, one of the most reliable transportation cards available for tourists and locals, guarantees unlimited use of the city’s bus networks and metros. The pass is applicable around Paris zone 1-5 and adjoining suburbs.

    2. Transportation valid: Metro and Bus

    3. Price and validity of card: The price of the Paris Visite Pass varies from $8.44 to $98 depending upon the number of days and areas travelled. The user can add as much money to the card as required to travel to the desired destinations.

    4. Benefits of buying online: The Paris Visite Pass can be ordered online and is sent to the recipient as a shipped item. The processing of the card prior to shipping takes about 2-3 days, but once made, it can be used anywhere in the city without the hassle of waiting. The card can also be purchased separately for children as well.






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