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Which Copenhagen Airport is best to fly or closest to City?

Copenhagen Airport(CPH) or Roskilde Airport (RKE)


The city of Copenhagen has two main airports. The Copenhagen and Roskilde Airports are the main airports, served by a wide range of airlines. Copenhagen Airport is the closest to the city and a smaller more efficient airport. Both airports are well served by public transport services. We summarize here all the information you need to know when planning a trip to Seattle!

Comparison of Best Airports in Copenhagen City,

Copenhagen Airport (CPH)

Roskilde Airport (RKE)

    Copenhagen Airport Roskilde Airport

Getting to Central Copenhagen from each Airport

Distance from Central Copenhagen 8.88 miles (14.3 kilometres)(Road Transport) 30 miles (48.9 kilometres)Road Transport)
Public Transport Operating Hours

7:00 to 9:00 (morning buses)every 3 to 10 minutes

15:00 to 17:30 (every 5 to 10 minutes)

Night Buses during the night

7:00 to 9:00 (morning buses)every 60 minutes

15:00 to 17:30 (every 60 minutes)

No night buses

Denmark Underground Metro Metro serves passengers 24/7 with a 2-4 minutes interval depending on rush hours, while on weekends the time interval is more. N/A
Train Train S runs between5:30 to 00:00 every 10 minutes. On weekends, the time interval may be more. Train RE runs between 5:30 to 22:00 for every 25 minutes.
Bus 5A buses run from 7:00 to 22:00 every 3-4 minutes while Night buses run every 10 minutes from 1:00 to 5:00. Tickets are available at terminal 3. 93N runs from 7:00 to 9:00every 25 minutes.
Taxi Taxi service is available round the clock from $50 to $70. SL service 112 runs round the clock every 20 minutesat $7.56.
Airport Shuttle Airport shuttle runs between terminal 1 and 3 for free. N/A
Uber Services

Uber services are on demand

Uber X $45-60
Uber XL $80-90

Uber fare estimator

Uber X $100-120
Uber XL $140-160

Uber fare estimator


Which Airport Is Best For Me?

Nearest Airport From The City’s Top Attractions There is only one airport serving the city of Copenhagen and its environs for domestic and international services. Many attractions are very close to the airport because of its proximity to the city. It is 14.3 kilometres from Copenhagen, if you use the city cards on hourly bases, you will get free entry and discount on dining items. The airport is far from the city and only serve for business and air taxi purposes only. It is a lot farther from the city centre and its top attractions at 48.9 kilometres.
Cost Factor Copenhagen airport is the only operating airport in Copenhagen. So most of the passengers travel using the airport. Public transport and other transport facilities charge according to theservices they provide. Price of hotels located around the airportis at affordable rates but expensive in the city. N/A
Airport Delays The average flight delay is 40 to 60 minutes depending on weather conditions and air traffic. Security and immigration delay is up to 30 minutes. N/A

Flight fares to various destinations of April 2018 searched on 14-03-2018

Flight Fares From $153 to Moscow, $62 to Paris, $458 to Delhi, $162 to Milan, $102 to London, $110 to Istanbul, $124 to Brussels, $292 Cairo, and $111 to Zurich.

Hotel prices per day from (17-03-2018 to 18-03-2018) searched on 14-03-2018


Quality Airport Hotel Dan(3-star) from $188.15 per night

Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport(4star)from $332.18 per night

Roskilde B&B (3-star)from $95.74 per night

Comwell Roskilde (4-star) from $216.82 per night

Car hire cost per week from (17-03-2018 to 24-03-2018) searched on 14-03-2018

Car Hire Car hire at the airport starts from $92.83 to $364.92 with all car models. From $92.83 to $364.92, all car models available.
Companies Operate

Different online car rental companies operate at the airport with prices ranging from:

$92.83- Economy (VW Up or Similar)
$106.50- Compact (Ford Fiesta or Similar)
$352.22- Full Size (Hyundai i40 or Similar)
$364.92- SUV (Volvo XC90 or Similar)

Hertz Cars


$92.83- Economy (VW Up or Similar)
$106.50- Compact (Ford Fiesta or Similar)
$352.22- Full Size (Hyundai i40 or Similar)
$364.92- SUV (Volvo XC90 or Similar)

Hertz Cars

Online car hire Car Hire Copenhagen Airport Car Hire Copenhagen Roskilde Airport

Airport Facilities

Shopping There are all kinds of shopping products available at the airport with tax-free and 30% cash back offers available on the purchase of city card. N/A
Dining Top world restaurants like Starbucks, McDonald's, KFC and 20 other restaurants &bars are available at the airport. N/A
Wi-Fi The airport has free Wi-Fi facility only for passengers at the departure section, while others pay on hourly bases. N/A

How To Transfer Between Airport Terminals?

Transfer Between the Terminals Free shuttle services are provided to transfer travellers between the terminals round the clock. Services are provided from the parking lot to the other terminals and from terminal to terminal. N/A
ATM Machines There are ATM machines available at every security gate of each terminal. N/A
Currency Exchange Points Global exchange Global exchange
Important phone numbers +45 3231 2800 +32 31 62 20
Major Operating Airlines Air Canada, Air Asia, Air India, Emirates, Air China , Air Canada, Air Cairo, Air Greenland, Air France, Air Europa, Air Serbia, Australian Airlines, Czech Airlines, Easy Jet, Egypt Air, Easy Jet Switzerland, Thai Airways, Ukraine Airways, Small Planet Airlines, Sun Express, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Pakistan Airways, Wiz Air, and WOW Air. N/A
Major connecting Destinations London, Paris, Delhi, Switzerland, Toronto, Singapore, Bangkok, Cairo, Dubai, Istanbul, Islamabad, Lahore, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. N/A

Tourist Information Centre

Tourist Info Centres A Tourist Information Centre is available at the centre of both terminals at the entrance gates. N/A
Official website www.cph.dk/ www.rke.dk

What Are The Operating Airports In Copenhagen?

There are two airports in Copenhagen city, Copenhagen Airport, and Roskilde Airport. Copenhagen airport serves both international and domestic operations while Roskilde Airport serves for private jet operations

What Are The Modes Of Transportation From Copenhagen Airport?

The modes of transportation from Copenhagen airport include metro, city bus, and taxi services. They work round the clock.

What Is The Cost Factor In Copenhagen City?

The mode of transportation in Copenhagen city is available at very affordable prices with all kind of facilities. There are several restaurants and bars located in every corner of the city which provides unlimited entertainment

What Are The Taxi Services Available In The City?

There are many taxi services available around the city with fares starting from $4to $5 per kilometre.

What Is The Fare For Uber Taxi?

Uber taxi provides the best fare in the city starting from $8 per kilometre. Their fares may change depending on services rendered

What Is The Cost Factor Of Hotels In The City?

The hotels located around the airport are more expensive because of the traffic generation to the airport, but you may find affordably priced hotels approaching the city centre

What Are The Cost Factor For Shopping In The Airport?

The airport has wide verities of brands at an affordable cost. There are more than 10+ shopping stores located at both terminals of the airport


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