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Which Manila Airport is best to fly or closest to City?

Clark International Airport or Ninoy Aquino International Airport or Subic Bay International Airport


Which Manila Airport is Close to City Center

Manila has three airports to choose between when flying in or out of the country. Here is a summary of all the airports to help you with the information you need to know when considering a trip within or out of the country.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL) is closest to the city centre, it is conveniently packed with public transportation ranging from buses/shuttles, vans, car rental and taxi services. Subic Bay International Airport (SFS) and Clark International Airport (CRK) are also other airports in the Philippines, but travelling to the city centre from these airports take longer and costs more than from MNL.

MNL and CRK airports are mostly used by budget airlines while SFS is used for aviation and Military Purposes. Most diversions from MNL goes to SFS hence making it a secondary to MNL.

Comparison of Best Airport in Manila, Philippines

Clark International Airport

Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Subic Bay International Airport

    Clark International Airport Ninoy Aquino International Airport Subic Bay International Airport

Getting To The Airport From The City Centre Manila, Philippines

Distance from Airport to Manila, the Central City of Philippines 61 miles (98.8 kilometres) 21.12 miles (34 kilometres) 95.6 miles (154 kilometres)
Public transport general operating hours Public Transport operates from 1:26 to 22:43 at regular intervals. Public Transport operates round the clock at regular intervals. N/A
Trains N/a N/a N/a
Bus Services

Buses operate from 1:26 to 22:43 every 60 minutes. Fare starts from 1.30 PHP to 3.50 PHP ($0.07 to $0.025), there may be changes in price based on the type of bus services you choose.

Buses operate every 60 minutes 24 hours daily. Bus fare from 1.30 PHP to 3.50 PHP ($0.07 to $0.025), changes may apply to the prices depending on the type of service.

Airport Shuttle

There are a lot of airport shuttle buses that provide round the clock trips in and out of the CRK airport.

They run every 10 minutes using different vehicles like vans, cars and buses all available for travellers.

Fares depend solely on the number of miles and it changes from time to time due to traffic conditions.

MNL has a shuttle bus system that runs through all four of its terminals. These shuttle buses serve travellers by connecting them to the other terminals.

Vehicles take off approximately every 15 minutes depending on traffic.

Taxi Taxi services are available at each terminal for around $24.7. Taxis charge from $8.5. From $23.9 for a taxi.
Private Taxi Services UBER GRAB For private taxi services like UBER & GRAB, they run 24/7 and charge from $31.36 to $37.24 per trip. UBER & GRAB run 24/7 services and charge around $31.36 to $37.24. Online taxi services such as UBER & GRAB are available for 24/7. It is best to book for a private taxi service from their website.

Which Is The Best Airport For Me?

How close to City and Top Attractions?

Clark international airport is located very far with about 100 km to the City Centre. It will take travellers approximately 2-3 hours from the airport to the city centre vice versa.

CRK has less traffic even though it is an international airport compared to Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL) is located 34 km from the city centre, making it the closest to the city compared to CRK and SFS.

It takes 30-40 minutes to reach the airport by public transport. As the major airport in Manila, most of the domestic and international flights arrive and depart from this airport.

Subic bay international airport (SFS) is the farthest from the city centre located about 154 km away from the city, it takes 2-4 hours to reach the airport.

The airport is used mainly for military operations but also as a secondary airport and MNL’s main diversion airport. This airport is not used for commercial purpose.

CRK airport is located far from the city, so transport fares are dependent upon the services provided.

Hotels cost less compared to other airports like MNL and SFS.

As the major airport, MNL is the closest to the city.

The airport has more traffic and this spikes up the prices for transportation even though its close to the city. Hotels around the airport are also on the high side.

The traffic generated from SFS airport is less compared to CRK and MNL. Transportation is on the high due to the distance to the city. It is the farthest from the city so hotels around the airport are less expensive and affordable.
Airport Delays

There are no flight delays at this airport. So most airlines depart on time. Security and immigration delays are lesser.

Avg Security & Immigration Delays: Low

Avg Flight Arrival Delays: 10-20 min.

MNL is the main airport so traffic is on the high compared to the other airports. Delays may occur due to traffic and weather conditions. Also not forgetting, Security and immigration processes are the main reasons for delays.

Avg Security & Immigration Delays: High

Avg Flight Arrival Delays: 30 min.

Flight fares to various destinations of April 2018 searched on 11-03-2018
Flight Fares About 30+ destinations around the globe are covered by this airport and MNL, so flight fares range from $1664 to London, $848 to Paris, $859 to New York, and $980 to Madrid. From $1379 to London, $640 to Paris, $859 to New York, and $572 to Madrid. This airport is used for military operations or aviation purposes and not for commercial purposes. But it provides domestic services. The traffic generated is less compared to other airports.

Hotel prices per day from (17-03-2018 to 18-03-2018) searched on 10-03-2018


Red Planet Angles City (3-star) from $25.56 per night

Hotel Stotsenberg (4-star) from $79.01 per night

Hotel Inn Express Manila Newport city (3-star) from $74.89 per night

City Garden Grand Hotel (4-star) from $101.99 per night

Reef Hotel And Residencies (3-star) from $62.62 per night

Best Western Plus Hotel Subic ( 4-star) from $100.94

Car Hire Companies

Car hire cost per week from (17-03-2018 to 24-03-2018) searched on 10-03-2018

  $285 to $694 (per week) $285 to $694 (per week) $285 to $694 (per week)
Online Car Rentals

There are different online car rentals with their prices and offers to start from
$285- Economy
$295- Compact
$694- Full Size
$375- Passenger Van
and $595- SUV.

Some of the companies include



Prices and offers start from
$285- Economy
$295- Compact
$694- Full Size
$375- Passenger Van
and $595- SUV



From $285- Economy
$295- Compact
$694- Full Size
$375- Passenger Van
and $595- SUV



Online car hire Car Hire Clark International Airport Ninoy Aquino International Airport Subic Bay International Airport
Tourist Attractions in the Philippines Puning Hot Springs, Brgy. Sapang Bato, Angels City, Fontana Waterpark, The SandBox, Porac, Zoocobia Fun Zoo, Dinosaurs Island, Mablacat, Nayong Pilipino, Clark Freeport Zone, Air Force City Park, Hot Air Balloon Festival, Mount Pinatubo Trekking and more Solaire Resort and Casino, City of Dreams Manila, Asia Aircraft Overseas Philippines Tours, American Cemetery, Green Belt Park, Mall of Asia Arena, Heroes Cemetery. Island Spa, Air Force Space Museum, Ayala Centre, Sm mall of Asia and more. Dungaree Beach, Ocean Adventure, Tree Top Adventure Subic, Arizona Dive Shop, Zoobic Safari, Magaul bird Park, Funtastic Park Subic Bay, Pamulaklakin Forest Trail and more.

Airport Facilities

Shopping There are various kinds of shopping products available in the airport for travellers at each terminal gate. At each terminal, various worldwide and famous brands are located at the entrance of each security gate at affordable prices. N/A
Dining Top world restaurants like Star Bucks, McDonald's, KFC and 20 others including Bars are also available at the airport for refreshment and relaxation purposes. Worldwide famous restaurants and bars are located at each terminal of the airport to make your hunger disappear. N/A
Wi-Fi Facility Unlimited WIFI Unlimited WIFI Unlimited WIFI
Currency Exchange Banks N/A N/A N/A
Major Operating Airlines. Tiger air, CebGo, PAL Express, Philippine Airlines, Air Asia, Wakay, Air Swift, Cebu Pacific Air, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Cathay Dragon, Cebu Pacific Air, Asiana, and Jin Air. Skyjet, United Airlines, Thai Airlines, Qatar Airways, Shenzhen Airlines, Scoot Saudia, Platinum Skies, Philippines Air Asia, Pal Express, Royal Brunei Airlines, Qantas, EVA Air, Jetstar Japan, KLM, Korean Airways, Lucky Air, Malaysia Airlines, Oman Air, Jeju Air, Gulf Air, Etihad Airways, Emirates, Delta Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Air SWIFT, All Nippon Airways, Air Juan, and Air China Air Juan
Major connecting Destinations Cebu, Doha, UAE, Hong Kong, Incheon, Macau, Singapore, caticlan, Busuanga, Davao, Puerto Prinsesa, kalibo, Bagabag, El Nido, and Pusan Beijing-Capital, Busuanga, Port Moresby, Kunala Lumpur-International, EI NIdo, Tokyo-Haneda, Tokyo-Narita, Busan, Seoul-Incheon, Hong Kong, Kalibo, Dipolog, Dubai, Bangkok, Roxas, Xiamen, Zamboanga, Puerto, Fukuoka, Addis Ababa, Macau, Melbourne, Kuwait, Kunming, Bahrin, Vigan, Sydney, Doha, Dammam, Jeddah, Medina, Riyadh, Shenzhen, Basco, Istanbul, Guam, koror, Quanzhou, Xiamen, and Bandar Seri Begawan. This airport operates mainly for aviation and military purposes; the only domestic service is to Manila Harbour.
Tourist Information

Travellers can get tourist information at the terminal building. The building accommodates 1 to 4.2 million passengers.

A new terminal is under construction and can accommodate up to 12.2 million peopl

Tourists can get more information about tourist attractions at the terminals.

Terminal 1

6 million passengers, 18 jet bridges.


9 million passengers, 12 jet bridges, it is a centennial terminal


13 million passengers, 34 jet bridge, For domestic flights Only


It’s a Domestic passenger terminal


Under construction

Important Numbers

Telephone Numbers

(+63) 45 599 - 2888 to 92

(+63) 45 599 - 2895 to 97

(+63) 45 499 - 4467 to 68

Emergency Services:

+6345 599-2897

Customer Service: +45 70102000

Customer Services


Official website http://crk.clarkairport.com/ https://www.manila-airport.net/ http://www.sbma.com/

What Is The Number Of Airports In Manila?

There are 3 main airports in Manila, the Clark International Airport (CRK), Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL) and Subic Bay Airport (SFS).

Which Is The Main International Airport In Manila?

There are 2 main international airports that serve both domestic and international flights, Clark International Airport and Ninoy International Airport. Subic International Bay Airport serves aviation and military operations purposes including domestic flights to Manila Harbour.

Which Airport Is Less Expensive And Closer To The City Centre?

Out of the 3 airports, the closest to the city centre is MNL. It is 34 kilometres away from the city centre while CRK is 100 kilometres and SFS 154 kilometres making it the farthest. MNL and CRK are relatively on the high side in terms of public transportation cost due to high traffic conditions, also hotels are on the high side. SFS is far from the city but hotels are cheaper including transportation.

Which Cars Rental Services Are At Clark International Airport And Ninoy Aquino International Airport?

Car rental service is readily available outside CRK and MNL airports, you have to call and book the car ahead. Some of the car rental services include Hertz, Airport Car Rentals and Economy Car Rentals.

What Are Online Car rentals For Clark International Airport And Ninoy Aquino International Airport?

There are different online car rental services with different prices and offers and they charge from $229 - $456 (per week). Some of these companies include Car Rentals, Price Line, Manila Car Rentals and many more. There are also online taxi companies such as UBER & GRAB which run a 24/7 service and charge from 16.7 PHP to19.71 PHP ($0.32 to $0.38).

Which Tourist Attractions Are Around Manila City?

There are a lot of sights to see around the city of Manila some of which are Puning Hot Springs, Brgy. Sapang Bato, Angels City, Fontana Waterpark, The SandBox, Porac, Zoocobia Fun Zoo, Dinosaurs Island, Mablacat, Nayong Pilipino, Clark Freeport Zone, Air Force City Park, Air Balloon Festival, Mount Pinatubo Trekking and more.

Which Hotels Are Around International Airports?

At CRK: Widus Hotel and Casino fare is around $92 per night, ABC Hotelstarts $63.52 per night, and Central Park Tower Resorts fare starts from $76.70 per night

At MNL: Belmont Manila costs around $107.38 per night and$230 per night at the Manila Marriott Hotel.


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