Kayak Sailing in Singapore, Mangrove, Kelong & Pulau Ubin, Seafood Meal Included

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    Experience the first and only kayak sailing tour in Singapore.

    You don’t need any sailing knowledge at all. You just need to know how to open and close the sail, that’s it! You become Captain Jack Sparrow in no time.

    Once on the water, you will throw open up the sail and let the wind take you away. And just like that, you are Moana. Sail away!

    Even if there’s no wind or if the wind is slow, your leg-powered hobie kayak will still rocket you though the water, so you will be sailing no matter what.

    You will be navigating your way through the magnificent mangroves forest. Paddle through the narrow channel and duck under the low hanging branches and hope you find your way to the other side.

    When you're inside the mangrove, look around! You may spot a family otters hunting, monitor lizard sunbathing in the canopy above you or even a wild boar swimming beside your kayak.

    If you're up for some music, you can hear the songs of over 200 species of birds that calls Pulua Ubin home.

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