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The He[ART] of Jozi.


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    Our Jozibugs offer a one of a kind experience that captures smiles and brings unforgettable memories.

    We wanted to give people an opportunity to experience something different. To take the ordinary and add something that makes it extraordinary, to travel and see our city and beyond in a different way.

    We wanted a tour experience that was not just a bus ride or a walk, we wanted a tour experience that was fun, one that would captivate people imaginations and capture smiles and waves everywhere we went. We wanted an experience that would make you wanna take pictures and send them back home

    An experience that was so personal that a single traveler would feel welcome and right at home. We wanted to build friendships that would last and create unforgettable memories.

    But we also wanted to create economic opportunities for others through this experience. So we created Jozibug - Explore More. Joburg

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