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[20% discount] Hakone Museum of Art Advance Coupon (Admission + Matcha / Japanese Sweets Set Ticket)


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    A museum with a national monument garden! Offer a 20% discount on advance tickets with Matcha set!
    The Hakone Museum of Art, which has the oldest history in Hakone, opened in 1927. The site named “Shinsenkyo” with the museum is registered as a national monument because of its historical value. The grounds are a Japanese garden, with highlights such as “Midori-no-Michi”, “Bamboo Garden”, and “Moss Garden” covered with about 130 types of moss. In the back of the moss garden is the tea room “Mawatei,” where there are seats where you can enjoy matcha tea. TripAdvisor offers “Admission fee + Matcha / Japanese sweets set ticket in the tea room” at a 20% discount. You can use it at a better price than usual. * Opening hours for tea seats are from 10:00 to 15:30. * Admission fees are discounted for high school and university students, so please purchase only the admission ticket, not this ticket, and purchase snacks locally.

    Exhibition of Japanese pottery from the Jomon period to the Edo period!
    The Hakone Museum is 3 stories high and there are 5 exhibition rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors. Exhibits range from the Minowa statue, an important cultural property, to pottery from the Jomon period to pottery from the Edo period. In accordance with the founder, Shigekichi Okada's intention that “arts should not be monopolized”, we would like as many people as possible to see their cultural value. To access the hotel, please use a cable car or a tour bus from Gora Station.

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