3 in 1: ENGLISCH Hafencity, Speicherstadt, Elbphilharmonie

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    Your Tourguides are real fans of their city and give you the feeling you are a part of Hamburg and their friends.

    2hour Speicherstadt, Hafencity, Elbphilharmonie Tour

    Explore the traditional warehouse district and new HafenCity in Hamburg

    See the glass structure of the Elbphilharmonie concert hall from the outside

    The Elbphilharmonie will have new Prices beginning April 2020 the entrance fee for groups will be 6€. So wie offer 2 Touroptions, Option 1 is the Guide will explain every important information about the building from outside so you get everything you need to know, Ticket for Plaza NOT included in Option 1. Option 2 is: After the Guide explained every important Detail for all guests he/she will go with all guests, booked with Ticket on Top of viewing Platform and will additional explain the nice views over Hamburg from upstairs

    Learn the story of the Speicherstadt area

    Enjoy the view from the Elbphilharmonie Plaza

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