Advanced package Pablo Escobar tour including C13 and barrio PE aprox 8 hrs


clock8 hours


    This tour will allow you to explore the places where Pablo was defeated by the colombian government, the innovative comuna 13 slum, and the community Pablo sponsored for the poor.

    Catedral (Pablo´s prison)


    Rooftop at Los Olivos where Pablo was caught

    Electrical escalators of comuna 13 

    Pablo Escobar barrio (community he created for the poor)

    Learn how Colombia finally got rid of Pablo on this 8 hours tour that takes you to the places where the druglord was defeated and the innovative comuna 13 community.

    This tour will provide a great learning experience as to what should NOT happen in society and which characters should be the real heroes.

    Tour focuses on the victims by telling stories of those who suffer most, like police officers and government officials. Since there is no glorification, at the end you will understand how resilient the people from Medellin have been. In fact, it is the most innovative city.

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