Anabuki River Brompton Bicycle Pottering Tour


clock4 to 8 hours


    This tour follows the path of Japan’s purest river, the Anabuki.

    In the summertime, many people head to the lower reaches of the river to camp, but this cycling course on the upper reaches avoids the crowds. This is a tour for adults to enjoy the quiet and beautiful Anabuki River at a relaxed pace.

    It’s a very easy ride — the bus takes you up the river, and you only have to pedal downhill.

    Along the way, you can take a break at a shrine with a mysterious atmosphere, cross a submersible bridge, go down to the riverbank and play in the water, and let the guide show you various places according to your mood.

    When you return to the town of Anabuki, you can stop by a stylish café that offers tea and cake made from local ingredients.

    It’s also possible to arrange a half day tour by reducing the distance.

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