Ancient Roman Horseback Riding Experience


clock15 to 60 minutes


    Riding has a positive effect on: the spine, joints and connective tissue,the coordination,strengthens the muscles of the entire body,overall body mobility,stimulates the heart, circulatory system and lungs,improves digestion and calorie consumption.

    Recreational riding

    If you already rule the basics of riding skills, you have the option of riding on the meadows around (under instructor supervision).

    Cab Honeymoon

    For romantics and those who appreciate tradition and true values, going down the aisle in a wedding carriage highlight of the experience in such a solemn moment as marriage.


    Endurance is a competition which tests speed and endurance horses, and the riders of horses and good knowledge of the terrain. Endurance or remote riding a marathon for horses and riders. The goal is to go long trails in the shortest possible time, without having not exhausted horse. Although riders measures the time, the focus is on completion of the competition physically fit horse.

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