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art: berlin - BIKINI BERLIN - The world's first concept shopping mall


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    Shopping in the BIKINI? That works even in blistering heat, pouring rain or freezing cold, but only in Berlin! The unique shopping experience in Berlin's number one concept shopping mall is definitely sensational. Together we will explore what makes BIKINI BERLIN so special that it almost seems like a short vacation. What exactly is the idea of a concept mall? What is it about the so-called boxes? And how does BIKINI BERLIN manage to bring hip shops, relaxation, gastronomy, hotels and fashion together under one roof so impressively? The building history of the mall is also not neglected on our journey of discovery: a listed area with contemporary architecture. The successful combination of exterior and interior architecture is thanks to the Munich architects "Hild und K".

    Our main areas are:
    1. Fashion: Shopping & retail concept
    2. Building: architecture, history & concept
    3. BIKINI BERLIN and the surrounding area with Breitscheidplatz & new buildings

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