Axe Throwing Session - One Hour


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    We have over 10 individual targets set up to take standard Tomahawk Axes for precision throws all the way through to heavy double headed Spartan Axes for a more warrior-like feel.

    Axe throwing in general is a huge and varied sport. As a result, it allows you to get a good feel for the various implements that can be thrown. We have a alrge range including small ninja axes, 2 styles of throwing knives, 2 styles of throwing torpedo’s, Bear Grills hunting axes, hammer head axes, fireman axes, 2 styles of tomahawk axes, ice pickaxes, and of course 2 styles of the large double handed axes available for you to master.

    Your time on the range will be run as a have a go session. During this, you will get to try all of them out. If you have a particular interest and if discussed with the instructor on the day, you could possibly focus on one particular area. A competition will be held at the end to see who can stick 5 of their favorite axes in targets. This will get smaller as you progress.

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