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    Bahia cosmetic inherits its roots & origin. From the two most ancient and majestic cities of Kairouan & Fez, Bahia combines the Traditional Recipes, the Secrets of Beauty and the magical healthy ingredients to offer you your Beauty Heritage.

    Seeds to oils, oils of all kinds ranging from prickly pear seed oil to Argan oil, Bahia extracts its finest and purest organic oils.

    Roses to water, water to perfume, Bahia distillates its finely selected flowers to get magnificent odors and smells.

    Petals and leaves to essential oils, essential to make creams, shampoos, and soaps with care and precision.

    Bahia mixes all the natural ingredients to give you the essence of what our skin, hair, and body need. not only our bodies but also our nature and our environment. Bahia also works with rural women in agricultural fields creating workplaces to fund them and their families.

    All this to make Bahia your fountain of youth, to make it your source of your Beauty Heritage.

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