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    Fans of Vietnamese ca tru (ceremonial singing) traditional music flocked to a small art gallery in Ha Noi on Thursday night to enjoy the unique genre's sweet melodies. Entitled Ca Tru – Gin Giu Cho Muon Doi Sau (Ca Tru – Preserve for Our Next Generation), the show was put on by ca tru traditional band trio Ca Tru Thang Long (Thang long is the old name of Ha noi capital). The band includes 83-year-old singer Nguyen Thi Chuc, dan day (long-necked lute-like instrument with three silk strings and 10 frets) player Nguyen Phu De, 88, and their student, singer Pham Thi Hue. "The performance is a way to vividly preserve this unique traditional folk genre, which is a part of our cultural heritage," said well-known ethnomusicologist Professor Tran Van Khe. According to singer Hue, different reasons encouraged her to set up the band. "The band not only gives us opportunities to practice and share experience, but we also bring the genre closer to audiences

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