Calligraphy Experience in Kyoto Townhouse

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clock1 hour 30 minutes


    What image do you have of Japanese calligraphy- You might think of calligraphy as one of the most difficult Japanese art forms to try yourself, but it is not. Why don't you experience this Japanese cultural art form yourself-  

    Calligraphy has recently attracted attention from people all over the world, especially through the gaining popularity of Zen Buddhism. The fundamental philosophy of Zen teaches that meditation is a necessary practice to learn to turn the eye inward. During our calligraphy session you'll have an opportunity to concentrate in a Zen-like sitting meditation. The aroma of black ink will also soothe your mind and make you feel relaxed.

    It is a unique opportunity to be able to spend time inside a traditional Japanese townhouse. Kyoto was once filled with these simple wooden houses. Ours is about 80 years old and we think you'll agree it is still beautiful. Please come and immerse yourself in a quaint, yet elegant space.

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