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    Camping in the natural environment, to understand nature, to understand the way to get along with nature… Camping with a group of friends, lying on the campground under the stars, recalling the days passed together, sharing stories and talking about the future and ideals. Listening to the sound of frogs and birds, light the bonfire, singing and dancing by the bonfire, what a wonderful and pleasant night.
    With the starry sky above our heads, dancing with the fireflies in the wild… it is believed this scene will be a beautiful memory for friends forever. Sitting around the campfire, we talk freely and admire the sky and fall asleep.
    - Enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city
    - Enjoy the stunning view of Karst peaks
    - Visit local villages and interview people
    - 24hours hot shower
    - Dining hall
    - Rain shelter
    - Kitchen

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