Classique a'la Russe concert evening


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    Show-concert of classical music in A la Russe style in the heart of St. Petersburg.

    Enjoy the reception with a glass of sparkling wine and experience an exclusive tour through the Vladimir Palace, as the Palace itself is closed for the regular visitors. Explore the spacious rooms designed in different styles, know secret facts about the Palace which survived the revolutionary changes of the epochs and find out more about its owners. The palace of Grand Duke Vladimir used to be a center of the secular life of St. Petersburg in the XIXth century. Take the opportunity today to feel the charm of the building in the special atmosphere of a festive, musical evening. The concert program includes outstanding works of Russian composers such as S. Rachmaninov, P. Tchaikovsky, G. Sviridov and others. The concert is performed by virtuosos of the most famous theaters of Saint Petersburg. Each play will be added with a short story about the composers and the history of the work.

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